Top Ten Articles of 2017
A Narrow-Minded Woman

Top Ten Articles of 2017

Top Ten Articles of 2017

You’ve probably noticed a lot of bloggers doing a “Top Ten Articles of 2017” posts over the last couple of weeks. Here are the top ten A Narrow-Minded Woman articles of 2017.

10. Finding Contentment In Christ (SWP: April): 6 Sins of Discontentment

In April, our Scripture Writing Plan covered what Scripture says about Finding Contentment in Christ. One week, I described six sins that are associated with discontentment.

9. Proverbs (Scripture Writing Plan: May)

The book of Proverbs has thirty-one chapters and, as such, has long been a favorite daily devotional for many Christians. In May, we used the book of Proverbs as our Scripture Writing Plan.

8. Praise the Lord! (Scripture Writing Plan: June)

In June, we studied praise in our Scripture Writing Plan.

Top Ten Articles of 2017

7. Hope in a Dark World

July’s Scripture Writing Plan was covering the topic of hope.

6. Intentional Christian Hospitality (+ free hospitality planner download)

God has been convicting me over the previous year about being more intentional in showing hospitality. In July, I wrote an article about being intentional in showing Christian hospitality. I also shared my hospitality planning document as a free download.

5. The Great Controversy of the Woman’s Role in the Church

This article may be one of my favorites. It grew from a note I kept on my phone. The controversy of the woman’s role in church is always a hot topic. In reality, God’s design for us women is not a way of punishing or making us feel less important but rather an honor and privilege.

4. How to Study the Bible

My favorite method of studying the Bible is using the Inductive method. In this article, I briefly described how to study the Bible using this method and included a free download of bookmarks with a reminder of the steps of the Inductive method for you to keep in your Bible.

Top Ten Articles of 2017

3. Genesis, Part 1: Creation to Destruction (August Scripture Writing Plan)

This year, I decided to use the Scripture Writing Plan to help women walk through the entire Bible. We started Genesis in August and are starting our sixth month in this amazing book this month. I am constantly amazed about how much God is teaching me in walking through Genesis so slowly.

2. 2018 Ninety-Day Bible Reading Challenge

This year, I have challenged my readers to join me in reading the Bible in ninety days. This is not an easy task but it very rewarding.

1. 90 Day Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Last January, I challenged my readers to join me in reading the Bible in ninety days. I was shocked at how many people were interested in doing this, especially since this post was just a last minute whim. Several people completed the challenge in the ninety days and several took a bit longer, but we all were blessed by reading God’s Word.

2017 was a great year at A Narrow-Minded Woman. I hope to add a few more features to the site in 2018. I am adding a theological dictionary to the site and possibly a podcast to the mix.

I would love to hear from you guys.

What kinds of topics and questions would you be interested in learning about in 2018 whether it be through article or podcast?

I’m also considering opening an A Narrow-Minded Woman store. Is there anything that you might be interested in purchasing over the next year? T-shirts, pins, blank journals, guided Bible studies, prayer journals, Bible study journals, sermon notes journals, planners, e-books, etc?