Genesis, Part 1 - August Scripture Writing PlanScripture Writing Plan

Genesis, Part 1: Creation to Destruction (August Scripture Writing Plan)

Genesis, Part 1: Creation to Destruction (August Scripture Writing Plan) I’ve decided to do something a little different and a little more intentional. The Scripture Writing Plans will be walking through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Occasionally, I will break from the schedule to cover a specific topic but this will give us a better view of the Bible …

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Scripture Writing Plan for June 2017: Praise the Lord!Christian Living, Scripture Writing Plan

Praise the Lord! (Scripture Writing Plan: June)

Bless the Lord, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name. (Psalm 103:1) To praise means to give thanks, to confess, to proclaim. Praise is confessing who God is, proclaiming His attributes and mighty works, confessing our sins and lowliness in comparison to Him, and giving thanks to Him for all He has done. The …

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Proverbs (Scripture Writing Plan for May)Bible Study, Scripture Writing Plan

Proverbs (Scripture Writing Plan: May)

For the Scripture Writing Plan for May, we will be reading through the book of Proverbs. This book is packed with great, godly wisdom. You cannot help but be blessed by the reading of this book of God’s Word. “Proverbs are simple, moral statements (or illustrations) that highlight and teach fundamental realities about life. Solomon sought God’s wisdom (2 Chronicles …

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The Most Difficult Part of Discussing ContentmentChristian Living, Scripture Writing Plan

The Most Difficult Part of Discussing Contentment

I had no idea writing about finding contentment in Christ would be so difficult. I originally thought, “Oh, this will be an easy and encouraging topic to write about.” Oh, how wrong I was. JC Ryle is so right when he said, “Contentment is the rarest of graces.” Discontentment is utterly sinful. I didn’t realize how wicked it truly was …

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Findig Contentment in Christ (Scripture Writing Plan: April 2017): What is Contentment and Where Do We Find It? (+free downloads)Christian Living, Scripture Writing Plan

Finding Contentment in Christ (Scripture Writing Plan: April): What is Contentment and Where Do We Find It?

Worry, anxiety, restlessness, depression, distress, and fear come naturally to us. It seems to be just part of our daily lives. It seems like some times life is one storm after another. Friends and family tell us not to worry. Psychologists try to help us find out the cause. But we look at the state of the world, we look …

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