Recommended Blogs

Recommended BlogsBlogs have all but replaced the newspaper. In another life, I seriously considered pursuing a career in journalism. While a part of me is saddened by the disappearance of the printed newspaper and the sad state of what is being called journalism these days, I feel privileged to live in a day of online journalism in the form of blogs. We now have access to the written word on topics we are interested in and by people who have a similar view as ourselves.

There are an almost infinite amount of blogs out there on virtually every subject you could ever imagine. It is easy to get lost in the forest of it all.

Recommended Blogs

Recommended Blogs I have been following lots of blogs on many topics for several years now. Here I have provided a list of the Christian blogs that I enjoy.

I will preface this in the same way as I prefaced my recommended podcasts, I do not agree 100% with any or all of these blogs. I would likely agree with much of what they say. However, I also feel it is important to often read dissenting views in order to understand their perspective, how to better defend your own views, and, if nothing else, just educate yourself on another thought.

What blogs have you found especially helpful in your Christian walk? Do you have any that you would recommend I check out and potentially add to my list?