Genesis: Part 3 (October Scripture Writing Plan)
Genesis, Scripture Writing Plan

Genesis, Part 3: Isaac Promised to the Plan for Sodom

Genesis, Part 3: Isaac Promised to the Plan for Sodom

(October Scripture Writing Plan)

Genesis: Part 3 (October Scripture Writing Plan)I don’t know about you, but I have been blown away by how much I have learned over the last two month by taking it slow. I have read these stories so many times but never realized how much Gospel truth God buried in His Word. I cannot wait to see what I learn in these next couple of weeks.

We are continuing our slow walk through Genesis. This month we will be digging deeper into God’s promise to Abram regarding his son, the unfortunate relationship between Sarai and Hagar, the covenant of circumcision, the mysterious visitors Adam and Sarai show hospitality to, and God’s plan for Sodom.

Genesis, Part 3: Chapters 15-18

As a reminder, Genesis is written in the historical narrative style. This means that what is described in these pages of Scripture are to be taken as historical fact. This is not allegory, figurative, or poetic language.

Here are some articles and sites I wanted to recommend for this portion of our walk through Genesis:

Scripture Writing Process for Genesis, Part 3

Read the passage provided each day. If the passage is long, feel free to choose one or two verses to write out and dig deeper into.

Genesis: Part 3 (October Scripture Writing Plan)Use these questions to help guide you in your daily study:

• What does this passage say?
• What does this passage mean?
• What does this passage tell me about God’s character?
• How does viewing God in this way change the way I view myself?
• How should I respond to this truth?

You do not have to answer every one of these questions every day. Rather, use them as a guide to really dig into what the passage says so that you can properly interpret and apply God’s Word to your life. If you need additional help in mining the Word of God, please read this article on How to Study the Bible that goes into more depth on the inductive Bible study method we use in answering the above questions.

Finish your time in the Word by writing out a prayer thanking God for this teaching and asking Him to help you apply it to your life today.

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