Favorite Finds Friday: 12-29-17
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 12-29-17

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.


Bible Reading Plans for 2018

A Plan to Read through the Bible in 2018

How To Begin A Bible-Reading Habit in 2018


Christian Living

Favorite Finds Friday: 12-29-17

Christmas Full of Grace and Truth: Big Theological Issues Show Up in New Report

Using Conflict as an Opportunity for Grace

Waiting on God

What’s the Difference between Lament and Complaint?

Rejoicing Like The Prostitute



CMI on the silver screen!

New Year

2018 Christian Reading Challenge for Women



Favorite Finds Friday: 12-29-17

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Being In Christ (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Normal vs Holy (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Relativism and False Prophets (1:00)

5 Minutes in Church History: Tyndale’s Only Surviving Letter (5:00)

ACBC: Submitting To Your Husband When You Think He’s Wrong (feat. Caroline Newheiser) (8:15)

ACBC: Awkward Family Gatherings (8:55)

Renewing Your Mind: John Calvin and Geneva (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: Paul at Cyprus (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: The Birth of Jesus (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: The Real God (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: Who is this Jesus? (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: God is at Work (26:25)