Favorite Finds Friday: 11-24-17
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 11-24-17

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.

What To Do When God’s Goodness Doesn’t Feel So Good

Logic: The Importance of Definitions

What Role Do Good Works Play in Salvation?

The Bible Belongs to Every Age

The Discipline of Remembrance

Old Paths: Being Plain Statements On Some Of The Weightier Matters Of Christianity (free eBook)

100 Images From Cassini’s Mission to Saturn

Not a Christian article but amazing to see God’s beautiful handiwork.

10 Errors to Avoid When Talking about Sanctification and the Gospel

Pull Off The Artistic Scabbard

Questions to Ask Before You Join a Local Church

Favorite Finds Friday: 11-24-17

 Asleep at the Wheel? Is God Really in Control?

How I Study the Bible: Step by Step

New: Free Online Courses from TGC

One Week Only: Download Saints of Zion for Free

Instilling Gratitude in You Family

Eyes Wide Open

Please Stop Saying — “God Told Me”

‘Thoughts and prayers’ mean more than critics claim

Cain and Abel: More than Sibling Rivalry

The Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney

The Danger of Gossip

Favorite Finds Friday: 11-24-17

Recommended Podcasts of the Week

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Distorted Theology (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Human Free Will and Divine Sovereignty (1:00)

Truth in Love: When Your Sexual Relationship Isn’t Good (feat. Brad Bigney) (16:09)

The Briefing: 11-21-17 (20:32)

Renewing Your Mind: Grace in the Gospel (26:25)

The Briefing: 11-17-17 (19:34)

Renewing Your Mind: Asleep in the Light (26:25)