Favorite Finds Friday: 11-10-17
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 11-10-17

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.

Refuting the Critics: Radiometric Dating

4 Reasons Churches Don’t Practice Church Discipline

The Relationship Between Sin and Work

Must every Christian be a member of a local church?

Learning Love and Patience in the Classroom of Conflict

Come On In: Pursuing A Heart Of Hospitality

The Men Who Make Tetzel Look Tame

The Spirit of God Provides Assurance of Salvation

The Heresy of Orthodoxy: Who is Walter Bauer and Why Write a Book About Him?

Favorite Finds Friday: 11-10-17

God’s Goodness in Midst of Sleepless Nights

The Gift of Sleep

Doctrine Matters: Imputation

We Can’t Outgrow The Basics

Beware These Seven Counterfeit Gospels

Correcting a Pastor Who Denies Biblical Inerrancy

We Now Grieve with a Texas Church

The Fear of Being Shot in Church

Tragedy in Texas: Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil


Favorite Finds Friday: 11-10-17

Recommended Podcasts of the Week

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Free Will and Sovereignty (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: The Assurance of Resurrection (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Sovereignty in Scripture (1:00)

The Briefing: 11-03-17 (22:22)

The Briefing: 11-06-17 (20:40)

Truth in Love: TIL 127: The Importance of Sleep (featuring George Sanders) (

Truth for Life: Casting All Your Cares (25:00)

Renewing Your Mind: A Holy Name (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: City of God (26:21)

Renewing Your Mind: Thy Word Be Done (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: Presence of the Kingdom (26:23)

WWUTT: 557 Church Discipline? (22:06)

Thankful Homemaker: Putting on Kindness in Our Homes (19:39)

Alpha & Omega Ministries: Two Hour Radio Free Geneva Interaction with the “Free Will Debate” from Houston (2:01:09)