Favorite Finds Friday: 10-06-17
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 10-06-17

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.

31 New Episodes of 5 Minutes in Church History

5 Minutes in Church History is one of my top recommended podcasts. Normally, Dr. Stephen Nichols posts a 5 minute podcast one a week over either some aspect of church history or an interview with a theologian. However, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Nichols is releasing a podcast every day through the month of October regarding the Reformation.

“An Act of Pure Evil” — Searching for Meaning in Las Vegas

Dr. Albert Mohler’s first response to the Las Vegas tragedy.

Why Your Positive Thoughts Are Not Helping Anyone

10 Promises for Your Bible Reading


Favorite Finds Friday: 10-06-17


One of the Best (and Most Overlooked) Passages that Demonstrates the Divinity of Jesus

Michael Kruger discusses Biblical passages that testify of the divine nature of Jesus.

New Infographic: The Order and Causes of Salvation and Damnation

A Romans Response To Tragedy

4 Truths to Pray for One Another

Favorite Finds Friday: 10-06-17

Since October 31st marks the day that we celebrate the beginning of the Protestant Reformation and since this year marks the 500th anniversary, we will see many articles written about this monumental day in history. Each week this month, I will likely share several articles I have found regarding this movement that continues today. I will separate these from the rest of my recommended articles just to make them easier to find.

The Women of the Reformation

Continuing the Reformation

The Geography of the Reformation

Luther and His Significance

Why the Reformation Still Matters

Why the Reformation Still Matters

Why We Protest

The Ninety-Five Theses






  • I’m so enjoying the emphasis on Reformation era history. Thanks for sharing your finds!

  • What a list! I’m hoping to read Eric Metaxes’ new release on Luther for the reformation celebration. So happy to be next to you at Holley Gerth’s site today.

  • Loved reading this. All these articles on reformation seems very interesting and great. Will read these. Thanks for sharing these. #WriterWednesday

  • These articles giving so much knowledge about monumental day in history. Love to read all these. Thanks for sharing. #WriterWednesday