Favorite Finds Friday: 09-01-17
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 09-01-17

Favorite Finds Friday


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.

Taking Back Christianese: The Complete Series

Michael Krueger reviews his 10 part series on common phrases often said in Christian circles that may or may not be theologically sound but in all cases, can lead to greater confusion. We need to watch what we say, especially in the case of some of these spiritual sounding platitudes that may not be helpful.

Remember Who Rules Hurricanes

Debbie Lynne reminds us of God’s sovereignty even over the weather and shared a beautiful hymn (and prayer) that is very fitting of the situation in Texas and Florida.

The Nashville Statement

This is a statement written and endorsed by several evangelical Christian leaders. It is a statement laying out what the Bible both affirms and denies regarding sexuality. I highly encourage you to read this statement and, if you can agree, sign it. This is not only defining what the Bible states regarding sexuality but also affirming whether the Bible is a book lovingly given to us to reveal our sin and share with us the Gospel or whether it is a damaging book to all who are comfortable in their sin. This is a topic to which there is no grey area.

Favorite Finds Friday: 09-01-17

Do You Need Other Christian Women?

Brittany Allen discusses a few reasons why we are apprehensive about forming true bonds with other women and encourages us to do so.

When Others Shame You

Lara d’Entremont discusses when others bring up our past sins as a way of shaming us. She points out that Christ’s blood has covered our sin. Our sin and our shame have been covered in His sacrifice. Yes, we agree that our sin is egregious and we are worthy of all shame but the beauty of this story is that Christ died for that sin and shame and we are free from its bondage to worship and serve our Lord the way He created us to.

Regeneration: Born Again Through Christ

Kaitlyn Wright defines the doctrine of regeneration.

The Holy Spirit’s Work of Calling and Regeneration (eBook)

Here is another free ebook shared by Monergism.

8 Apps to Help You Stay in God’s Word

Whole Magazine shares their favorite apps for studying God’s Word. My favorite is the Blue Letter Bible app but there are a couple I haven’t heard of so I will need to check them out.

The “Proto-evangelium”

Since we have just studied this in our walk through the first few chapters of Genesis, I thought this might be interesting for those who have joined in the Scripture Writing Plan.

Favorite Finds Friday: 09-01-17

Tabletalk Magazine

Tabletalk Magazine is put out by Ligonier. It is a monthly magazine with a daily devotional, daily Bible reading plan, and several articles written by solid Christians regarding a different topic chosen each month. I cannot recommend this magazine more. It is the only magazine that we are subscribed to in our house. They also have a digital version.

Marci Ferrell on Loving Our Husbands

Women’s Hope Podcast interviewed Marci Ferrell on loving our husbands well.

4 Ways Christian Women Can Promote Biblical Marriage

Autumn Beck gives great advice for promoting Biblical marriage.

Portraits of Superstition: The Christian Neapolitan

Jessica Pickowicz is concluding her excellent series on the superstitions we tend to be drawn to. I highly recommend checking out all of her articles in this series.

The Sun, the Moon, Solar Eclipses, and Creation

Dr. Jason Lisle explains the amazing science from a Biblical creationist view of the sun, moon, and solar eclipse.