Favorite Finds Friday: 03-30-18
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 03-30-18

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.


Sin Didn’t Kill Jesus—God Did
“The suffering servant’s death was nothing less than a punishment administered by God for sins others had committed. That is what we mean when we speak of penal substitutionary atonement.”

Do You Suffer from ‘Bible Anorexia’?
“Our souls can starve, just like our bodies. Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4). Our souls require regular meals from the Scriptures.”

The Good Shepherd
“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (Jn. 10:11).

Do You Embrace Godly Authority?
“If anyone aspires to the office of overseer (or ‘pastor’ or ‘elder’), he desires a noble task” (1 Timothy 3:1)

The Meaning of the Cross

Christian Living

Life Has Not Been Easy
“…choose to be pleased and satisfied with all that God gives you. Choose to say, with David, ‘The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance’ (Psalm 16:6).”

Should We Rebuke the Devil?
“Instead of rebuking the Devil and tell him to stop destroying your family, begin practicing having a meek and quiet spirit, live in joyful submission to your husband, be cheerful and kind, and obey the Lord in how He instructs you to live!…Satan was conquered at the cross and greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world…There’s zero need to yell at or rebuke the Devil. Sing praises to the Lord instead!”

Should You Care About Doctrine?
“Pastors are to teach sound doctrine, every Christian is to learn sound doctrine, and every Christian is responsible to pass sound doctrine on to those who are coming after them. In so doing, Christians will live faithfully to the glory of God.”

The Moment of Truth: Its Reception
“Apart from the truth, you will always be bound by sin and Satan. Only the truth is so powerful as to unlock those chains and to set the prisoners free.”

The Gospel from Womb to Tomb
“Let’s look at some of the great and sore troubles of old age, and how the Lord strengthens His elderly people.”

5 steps to be a better reader (and read better books)
“Making more time to read will give you a greater understanding of the Bible and the world around you and will give you a lot more to talk about with the people you encounter every day. Take a few of these suggestions and implement them. The reward will be worth the work.”

Favorite Finds Friday: 03-30-18

The Value of Commitment
“Committing ourselves to these things can be hard. But I don’t believe God would call us to do something without allotting us the time and grace to do so. When we devote ourselves to the things that matter through even difficult seasons or situations we reflect the beauty of God’s commitment to us.”

Christ Wants You to Die!
“The unmistakable call of Christ is to die.”

Emotions and the Christian Life – 2018 Theology Conference
“Dr. Murray addressed our emotions, the good, the bad, our failures, and our identity but within the framework of who God is, who we are, and redemption.”

Laziness is Idolatry
“Laziness is idolatry. It is closely related to its opposite—workaholism. Both the sins of laziness and workaholism are sins of self-worship. The behavior looks different, but the root idolatry is the same.”

True Repentance is Believing Repentance
“It is often said — and well said — that faith and repentance are like two sides of the same coin; one describing what we turn toward, the other describing what we turn from, but both describing the same turn from different perspectives.”

Protect Your Assurance in Christ
“The believer who follows the Lord most fully will ordinarily enjoy the most assured hope.” ~ JC Ryle

How to Listen Like a Counselor
“No instruction can create or replace internal desire; the main skill in being a good listener is wanting to be a good listener. The core of listening is placing enough value on the other person and what he/she is saying that you quit playing your thoughts (mentally or verbally) over theirs. When you begin to do this, you will find that your responses and body language almost always draw out the other person.”

It’s Hard To Love My Foster Son
“…this thing is far too hard without the Father’s love coursing through me. The truth is that I don’t love like he does. But I’m learning to. And I’m learning how deep and wonderful and supernatural is the Father’s love for us. It’s far beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Kill Your Dogmatism
“Dogmatism got in the way of my ability to love and listen to those around me.”

Christ and the Love of Neighbor
“…those who are justified by faith are given the glorious calling to live and love like Jesus, trusting that His Spirit is enough to strengthen our efforts and that His grace is enough to forgive our failures.”


Clint Pressley on Leadership Qualities for Gospel Centrality (video)

Church Membership Means More Than You Probably Think

The Gospel in the Local Church
“Healthy churches are marked by Gospel clarity. This means the Christians who comprise a healthy church have heard and received the Gospel; they are turning from disbelief and disobedience toward a Christ-exalting trust and practice. And it also means that these Christians are continually standing in this Gospel of grace and being conformed to righteousness, after the example and by the power of Christ Himself.”

Are “Altar Calls” a Good Idea? (video)
“When a Christian minister preaches the gospel, there has to be an invitation. But that invitation is a call to repent and believe—not to physically relocate your body at the end of the service.”


The Unusual American Tolerance Of Christian Values
“We’re shocked because our American experience insulates us from knowing how Biblical Christians have suffered persecution throughout history…If we understood that Christians have been hated throughout the 2000 years since our Lord’s crucifixion, maybe we’d realize that God mercifully gave us 300 years of tolerance before allowing us to suffer for His sake.”


What Counts as a “Gospel Issue?”
“What constitutes a gospel issue? Is there anything that doesn’t count as a gospel issue? Is there any agreement among Christians as to what does and does not constitute one?”


Cultivating Praise in Marriage
“Genuine praise and verbalized thankfulness are like marital fertilizer (think Miracle-Gro®) in the soil of your spouse’s heart. They have the power to help heal an ailing marriage or strengthen an already healthy one.”

20 Questions to Help Build Intimacy in Your Marriage
“Deep oneness can be achieved only where good communication exists.” ~ Wayne Mack

Motherhood Wrapped in Grace
“…thankfully, God’s grace will continue to meet me in my darkest places.”


Crossing Cultural Lines to Promote the Gospel (Hudson Taylor)
“But he bore that disapproval and contempt for the sake of advancing the Gospel and making his ministry more effective among the Chinese.”

The Text that Rocked Rome Twice
“Yesterday I had the privilege to preach from Romans 1:17Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) in our study of Romans on Sunday mornings. This single verse is known as the text of the Reformation. While it served as the spark that ignited the Reformation—long before Luther was converted out of the darkness of Roman Catholicism—Paul sent this text to Rome to encourage the church there in order that they would be a faithful people who would not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. In many ways, Romans 1:17Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) is the text that rocked Rome twice.”


Lead Us Out Of Temptation – The Lord’s Prayer Part 6
“…if you are a child of God, pray daily for God to direct you toward the safety of his will and to deliver you from the onslaught of Satan’s schemes.”

Do You Pray with Desperation?
“Focusing on the eternal God, the Lord’s prayer is a desperate outcry to the good and sovereign King. It is no dispassionate or distant plea, however, for the King is also called ‘our Father.’ Christians are welcomed into the kindly and gracious presence of their maker, sustainer, savior, and rewarder. Such an experience is nearly too much to comprehend. And yet, this experience is available to all Christians at every moment of every day.”

Prayer and the Grace of God
“A throne of grace is a place fitted for you: go to your knees, by simple faith go to your Savior, for he, he it is who is the throne of grace.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


New and Notable Book – Three-Minute Thursdays #15


Science and the Age of the Universe
“The Bible has long been contrary to the majority opinion of the day, only to be vindicated by later research. But we don’t have to wait a thousand years to see if the Bible is right about the age of the universe. Already there is abundant evidence from astronomy that makes no sense within the secular timescale.”

Masters of Disguise
“The cuttlefish is one of the most interesting creatures God created to fill His oceans. Its abilities incite wonder.”

Why Did God Make Weeds?
“Weeds like dandelion are infamous for ravaging lawns, gardens, and driveways everywhere. But could this lowly weed be a blessing in disguise? A closer look reveals God’s very good design even for these ambitious and surprising plants.”


The Theology of the Thief
“What we initially see in the thief’s cry of repentance and faith is a healthy, reverential fear of God. It’s the starting point of all good theology, and it set him on a path that culminated with his humble willingness to beg for forgiveness and salvation. His right view of God led him to, among other things, a right view of himself and his sin.”

10 Things You Should Know About Open Theism
“In recent years there has appeared a radical departure from traditional theism that has come to be known as the Openness of God theory or Open Theism. Although there are numerous components in this new view of God, in this article I only take note of ten of them. You should also know that what follows is not a critique of the openness theory, but simply an explanation of its basic ideas.”

Our Beautiful God
“Beauty is important to God because He is beautiful, and so what is beautiful must be of importance to His people as well. Christian artists should be encouraged to create beautiful art, and Christian people should be encouraged to appreciate the beautiful alongside the true and the good, for the Lord Himself is beautiful.”

6 things every Christian needs to know about sanctification
“There is no insta-sanctification or seven steps to become successfully sanctified. It is slow, with many twists and turns. It’s also deeply personal as we each have different areas of life in which the Spirit is working.”

How Depravity Reveals Our Dependence
“Rightly understanding the doctrine of total depravity helps us see that our salvation is not about what we do, but it is all about what God has done on our behalf. The darkness of our depravity makes the light of the Gospel even brighter!”

Biblical Theology Will Help You See Jesus in All the Scriptures
“The glorious salvation we have in Christ was prophesied and predicted by the Old Testaments prophets of God and is presently the intense preoccupation of the angels of God. Ponder the privileged position we have in Christ! And then, by God’s Spirit, continue to humbly and prayerfully search his beautiful Word to discover even more of the riches of his glorious grace in Jesus.”

Good Friday Was Not Cosmic Child Abuse
“The entire scene of the cross is filled with brutality, blood, insult, shame, and death. That does not exactly sound like a good day, but it was.”

Is Everyone a Child of God?
“Many conclude that what makes you a child of God is your identity as a human. According to this view, everyone from Adam to the youngest of lives is lumped into the family of God. Despite the popularity of this belief, it’s not founded by Scripture.”

God is Eternal
“This truth should not only brings us comfort, but confidence in our God to trust Him. He can never fail—it’s contrary to His nature.”


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