Favorite Finds Friday: 03-23-18
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 03-23-18

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.


Refuting the Critics: Astronomy and Biblical Interpretation
“In our previous discussion, Rubin had claimed that I was reading into the Bible based on modern cosmology. I asked him what evidence he had for this, and specifically how my understanding of “stretching out the heavens” was allegedly mistaken.”

How to Honor Christ in our Apologetics
“Apologetics is a wonderful tool that the Lord has used to encourage so many believers in their walk. But, ultimately, it is a powerless tool to bring someone to Christ. It can be a tool God uses to open an ear to the Gospel, but on its own it cannot save. We must always remember to preach the Gospel and to quote Scripture as we do so.”


Did Jesus Promise to Return within the Lifetime of his Disciples?

Faith that moves mountains: What Jesus didn’t mean
“It isn’t because of the quantity of our faith but the object of our faith. If our faith is in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, then it has a great effect. Our faith makes a difference not because it is so great but because God is so great, because he is the sovereign one who rules over all things. Our faith doesn’t thrive when we think about how much faith we have; it springs up when we behold our God—when we see Jesus as the One crucified and risen for us.”

How Not to Read the Parables
“The parables Jesus tells in the four Gospels are peculiar kinds of stories that too many readers read very wrongly. It’s important, then, to clear up some common misconceptions about these important stories. I want to share with you what the parables are, but first, it is helpful to establish what they are not.”

How True is the Bible? – Inerrancy
“To reject the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible has serious implications. It is to attribute falsehood to God.”

10 Obscure (Yet Interesting) Bible Characters and Their Stories

Christian Living

Favorite Finds Friday: 03-23-18

Come Out From Them and Be Separate
“The church has no business partnering in ministry with the world; even that part of the world that goes to church and calls themselves worshipers of Jesus. Whenever true Christians join in common spiritual cause with unbelievers, we are like exiles, delivered out of the Babylonian captivity, set apart to the pure worship of Yahweh, who then set up Babylonian idols in the middle of Yahweh’s temple.”

3 Perks of Being a Christian Business Owner
“Based on my experience in a multi-generational family business, and as the founder of my own business, here are three reasons why I think it’s great to be a Christian business owner.”

Don Whitney on What a Christian’s Devotional Time Should Look Like (Video)

Are You Godly Enough to Watch Smut?
“It’s a distressing time we’ve come to when the ability or desire to watch filthy stuff is considered mature and where the inability or unwillingness to do so is considered infantile. It’s a disappointing time we’ve come to when we long to be godly enough to watch smut.”

Christ-Centered Friendship
“Are we daily enjoying the friendship of God? Are we seeking to serve rather than to be served? Are we unwrapping the gift of friendship with others as He gives it—through imperfect people? And are we pointing our friends to the hope that is found in Christ? If so, our dearest Friend is blessed and honored, our friends resemble family more than anything else, and we are rich indeed.”

Meekness Is Not Weakness

When God’s Will and My Will Disconnect
“We can say we believe God to be good, to be sovereign, to be merciful, and to be actively involved in our lives. However, when circumstances are less than favorable, our actions can demonstrate doubt about all we know, which can result in decisions that are less than honoring to the Lord.”


The Word-less “Church”
“Many American churches are in a mess. Theologically they are indifferent, confused, or dangerously wrong. Liturgically they are the captives of superficial fads. Morally they live lives indistinguishable from the world. They often have a lot of people, money, and activities. But are they really churches, or have they degenerated into peculiar clubs?”

Spurgeon on the Church’s Fight for the Truth
“Here are five ways Spurgeon called the army of the church to engage in her mission:”

Loving the Church
“Our new church, like your church, can only offer a vision of heaven’s love as in a mirror dimly. The good news is, we can point our neighborhood to the One who loves them and us perfectly, the perfect who will one day come to welcome us fully into His love. That’s the heart of our faith and hope.”

Does Church Membership Really Matter?


God Does Not Depend on Politics
“As Christians, we don’t need to ‘win’ when it comes to politics. We don’t need to tie our hopes to one party or react with fury when the other guy gets in, as though some mere human might thwart God’s plans…”


Dangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement
“The Hebrew Roots Movement has influenced hundreds of thousands of Christians in recent decades, and many more have encountered arguments from those in that group. The movement places a strong emphasis on Hebrew traditions and the Mosaic law. This article will describe the nature of the Hebrew Roots Movement, examine some of its major beliefs in light of relevant biblical passages, and challenge those who have been influenced by its teachings.”

5 Signs of the Times
“While God is still in the miracle business, we must admit that the sensationalism and craving of signs and wonders that we see today is not in alignment with what we see happening in the apostolic days. Below are five red flags to look for in a minister or ministry that falls into the category that Jesus himself warned about during his earthly ministry.”

Discerning the False Teacher
“What discerning eye can fail to see that many Churchmen expect unsound teachers to be open vendors of poison, and cannot realize that they often appear as ‘angels of light,’ and are far too wise to be always saying all they think, and showing their whole hand and mind. But so it is.”

Eschatology (End Times)

Will God Ever Do Anything about Oppression?
“This news should lead us not only to rejoice in the end of oppression but should also lead us to humility and hope. We, too, have been measured, our offenses, our oppressions, and we, like Belshazzar, are found wanting. Yet our hope is that in Christ we are rescued from the same destruction that Babylon earned.”


Why Some People Aren’t Christians
“All of these, and many more I’m sure, fall under the different kinds of seed and soil we read about in Matthew 13.”

Your Testimony Is Not the Gospel
“God makes no promise that He will use my story as His power unto salvation. The gospel is not about me. The gospel is about Jesus. It is the proclamation of the person and work of Christ, and of how a person can appropriate the benefits of the work of Christ by faith alone.”


Loving Our Family
“Every failure to love our father, mother, sister, brother, and other relations can be traced to a failure to embrace Christ crucified with a living faith.”


Who Was Saint Patrick and Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
“When it comes to Saint Patrick, the true story is even more exciting than the legend and the myth.”


Forgive Us Our Debts – The Lord’s Prayer Part 6
“Forgiveness of others is not a condition for forgiveness, it’s an assumed correlation. A person who won’t forgive is a person who has not yet experienced forgiveness.”

The First Mark of Conversion
“A habit of prayer is one of the surest marks of a true Christian.”


16 Free eBooks by B. B. Warfield

Strength for the Weary, New from Derek Thomas and Reformation Trust
“If you are a Christian, you can be sure that you will experience struggle and opposition in this life. Jesus told us it would be so. That is why you need to read this book. And, as you do, you will find your heart warmed, your soul encouraged, your mind expanded, and your faith strengthened.” ~ Dr. Guy M. Richard


The Moment of Truth: Its Reality
“n one word, truth is reality. Truth is the way things really are. Truth is not how things may appear to be. Truth is not what we want things to be. Truth is not what popular opinion polls say things are. Truth is the way things really are. So let us look at a few characteristics that help distinguish and define the truth.”

Why We Can’t Choose God


Favorite Finds Friday: 03-23-18Renewing Your Mind Minute: Providence (01:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: The Purpose of Miracles (01:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Salvation in the Old Testament (01:00)

5 Minutes in Church History: The 60 Pound Commentary (05:00)

Open Book: R.C. Sproul and Schroeder’s The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent (08:43)

Open Book: R.C. Sproul and Berkouwer’s Dogmatische Studien (08:12)

Truth in Love: Cultivating Love In Your Marriage (feat. Lauren Lambert) (08:08)

Truth in Love: Parental Responses to Bullying (08:59)

Truth in Love: Is Anger Always Sinful? (12:17)

Thankful Homemaker: Seasons of Waiting (18:44)

The Briefing: Friday, Mar. 16, 2018 (23:05)

  • How the cult of convenience fails to deliver on its own promises
  • The sterilization of play: What’s at stake as our playgrounds have become unrisky, and ultimately, unfun
  • Why dad-style parenting is a key ingredient of a healthy home
  • The legacy of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton: Pediatrician who helped us understand the necessity of mother-infant bonding dies at 99

The Briefing: Monday, Mar. 19, 2018 (23:04)

  • As Putin wins record fourth term we’re reminded that not all elections are equal
  • The unforgivable sin according to Vladimir Putin? Betrayal.
  • Why we should be alarmed by a special report on sexuality in one California high school’s student newspaper
  • Gold falls from the skies, literally, in one Russian town

The Briefing: Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2018 (21:35)

  • The intersection of abortion and free speech today at the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Why abortion can never be merely a medical issue
  • Just in time for United Nations World Happiness Day, Finland recognized as the happiest nation on earth

The Briefing: Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018 (22:56)

  • Does marriage make a difference? Dueling articles in major newspapers debate the link between single parenthood and poverty
  • What do declining divorce rates tell us about our current cultural moment?
  • Toys R Us’s announcement reveals the devastating effects of a declining birth rate

The Briefing: Thursday, Mar. 22, 2018 (22:39)

  • The absurdity of sin: In aftermath of Austin bombings, the search for answers is underway
  • The two-edged sword of technology on display in Facebook’s most recent controversy
  • Why “the man who knew too little” isn’t as ignorant as he wants you to believe
  • Doomsday insanity: Prepping goes mainstream with high-end “go bags”

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Renewing Your Mind: Godless Philosophers (26:25)

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Renewing Your Mind: Counting It All Joy (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: How Do You Spell “JOY”? (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: The Greatest Joy (26:25)

Biblical Counseling Coalition: Nathan Penny (27:11)

Women’s Hope: Christian Liberty | Galatians Bible Study Series No. 7 (27:29)

Care & Discipleship: Elyse Fitzpatrick on “Home” (31:29)

Care & Discipleship: Interview with Shannon McCoy Pt 1 (17:35)

Alisa Childers: What About the “Lost” Gospels? With J. Warner Wallace (34:28)

She Proves Faithful: Giving an Account for Your Life – Stewardship Part 1 (35:15)

The Bald Calvinist: Live Still to Die – Lady Jane Grey (36:10)

The Bald Calvinist: The Violent Reign of Bloody Mary and the Marion Martyrs (35:59)

Theology Driven: Prayer (44:33)