Favorite Finds Friday: 02-02-18
Friday Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds Friday: 02-02-18

Favorite Finds Friday:


The following are a collection of articles, sites, podcasts, and other finds I have found this week that I thought I would recommend. I hope you find these especially encouraging and edifying in your walk with Christ.


Why is “LORD” Not in the New Testament?

Introducing Inductive Bible Study

What Do We Do with the King James Version?

Biblical text transmitted accurately over millennia

How can we be sure we have the Word of God? How accurate are our copies of the Bible?

Proverbs 25: The Importance of Self-Control

Proverbs 26: Four Types of People You Shouldn’t Aspire to Become

Proverbs 27: Principles for Biblical Relationships

Proverbs 28: You Can Run but You Can’t Hide

Proverbs 29: A Legacy of Consequence

Proverbs 30: Finding a Correct View of Self

Proverbs 31: A Woman Who Fears the Lord

Christian Living

Favorite Finds Friday: 02-02-18

The Unexpected Bible Scholar

3 Reasons You Should Recognize the Gifts of Others

Practical Steps to Overcome Self Pity

10 Bible Reading Habits I’ve Learned from My Pastor

Four Reasons to Sing When Your Soul is Troubled

Eating Together

Does ‘Turn the Other Cheek’ Mean ‘Get Walked All Over’?


Why We Need Church Discipline

6 Reasons Why the Church Is Not Singing


Young Teens and Social Media


Principles Of Spiritual Self-Defense



Pleading with Sinners to Be Reconciled to God



My Top Ten Puritan Authors
Joel Beeke’s favorite Puritan authors. I am familiar with many of these but have made it a point in recent years to read the Puritan authors more. It is even more exciting to find that so much of their amazing writings are available today either for free or very inexpensively. We live in an amazing time that not only do we have access to such a plethora of such exceptional wisdom but that we can get it for free or almost free.



John Bunyan on Prayer (1)

John Bunyan on Prayer (2)


Dinosaurs – Part 1

DNA´s Hidden Codes


God Is the Most Perfect Being

Christ as Substitute


Favorite Finds Friday: 02-02-18

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Grace in Sanctification (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Christ is King (1:00)

Renewing Your Mind Minute: Relativism is Inconsistent (1:00)

5 Minutes in Church History: The Abbey of St. Victor, Paris (5:00)

CCEF: Differences between formal and informal counseling (06:48)

Truth in Love: Burned by the Church (feat. Dr. Mark Dever) (7:55)

Truth in Love: Overcoming Bitterness (12:01)

Truth in Love: Risks in the Christian Life (feat. Owen Strachan) (11:09)

Truth in Love: Casting Out Demons (10:16)

Truth in Love: The Role of Community in the Christian Life (feat. Jonathan Leeman) (11:46)

Truth in Love: How to Confront a Friend About Their Sin (9:16)

ICBD: Calling Down Fire From Heaven (19:49)

The Briefing: Friday, Jan. 26, 2018 (22:16)

  • Big news from China reveals threats to human dignity and the cracking of the worldview in the West
  • As monkeys are cloned in China we recognize that what happens in China won’t stay in China
  • What the depersonalization of dating tells us about the next generation
  • Why Christians must reject a two-story morality and always call sin by its proper name

The Briefing: Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 (21:59)

  • Planned Parenthood loses its leader in pushing the culture of death
  • Reality sets in among Americans on question of LGBT rights
  • Lament over divorcing sex from love falls tragically short
  • Florida legislators consider bill declaring pornography a public health problem

The Briefing: Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 (21:28)

  • What’s at stake in historic vote in the United States Senate on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
  • How science is used in today’s contentious cultural debates
  • State of the Union preview: What to watch for as President Trump addresses joint session of Congress

The Briefing: Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018 (22:19)

  • On the most important of all political stages President Trump strikes a different note, even as there are few surprises
  • New debates about homeschooling take on a new urgency
  • As Murphy Brown returns we have to ask, “Will she even be interesting today?”

The Briefing: Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018 (23:56)

  • Yale offers a course on happiness which the professor suggests students should take pass-fail
  • Adult happiness linked to Research indicates adult happiness is linked to marriage in a way it is not linked to cohabitation
  • Signs of the times as our society is increasingly dabbing, dropping, and doping

IBCD: Q&A: Christ-like Leadership & Correction (25:58)

Renewing Your Mind: The Synod of Dort (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: Entering the Kingdom (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: Born of the Spirit (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: A Heavenly Birth (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: What Does it Mean to Be Born Again (26:25)

Renewing Your Mind: A Scriptural Birth (26:25)

Thankful Homemaker: Simplify Your Housekeeping with a Cleaning Schedule for Your Home (29:52)

CCEF: Borderline Personality Disorder and Your Church (31:37)