Define: Omniscience

Define: Omniscience





  1. the quality or state of being omniscient



  1. having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight
  2. possessed of universal or complete knowledge

My Definition:

Omniscience is having perfect knowledge. It isn’t just knowing something perfectly or being an expert but knowing all knowledge. It is knowing everything past, present, & future. Knowing how every atom in all of creation is constructed, knowing every thought of every human at the same time for all of history, knowing the moment every person in all of history was conceived and when he/she will die, knowing all of history, knowing who will be welcomed into eternity with God and who will spend eternity in hell. It is never being shocked, surprised, caught off guard, or learning anything new. Only God is omniscient.


Define: OmniscienceThen she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God who sees”; for she said, “Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him?” Therefore the well was called Beer-lahai-roi; behold, it is between Kadesh and Bered. (Genesis 16:13-14)

Would not God find this out?
For He knows the secrets of the heart. (Psalm 44:21)

O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
You understand my thought from afar.
You scrutinize my path and my lying down,
And are intimately acquainted with all my ways.
Even before there is a word on my tongue,
Behold, O Lord, You know it all. (Psalm 139:1-4)

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
And in Your book were all written
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them. (Psalm 139:16)

He counts the number of the stars;
He gives names to all of them.
Great is our Lord and abundant in strength;
His understanding is infinite. (Psalm 147:4-5)

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand,
And marked off the heavens by the span,
And calculated the dust of the earth by the measure,
And weighed the mountains in a balance
And the hills in a pair of scales?
Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord,
Or as His counselor has informed Him?
With whom did He consult and who gave Him understanding?
And who taught Him in the path of justice and taught Him knowledge
And informed Him of the way of understanding? (Isaiah 40:12-14)

Do you not know? Have you not heard?
The Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth
Does not become weary or tired.
His understanding is inscrutable. (Isaiah 40:28)

“Remember the former things long past,
For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is no one like Me,
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’; (Isaiah 46:9-10)

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (Matthew 10:30)

Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways! (Romans 11:33)

And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do. (Hebrews 4:13)

We will know by this that we are of the truth, and will assure our heart before Him in whatever our heart condemns us; for God is greater than our heart and knows all things. (1 John 3:19-20)


“in his sight all things are open and manifest, his knowledge is infinite, infallible, and independent upon the creature, so as nothing is to him contingent or uncertain;” ~ 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith

“May I never forget that thy eye always sees, thy ear always hears, thy recording hand always writes.” ~ Valley of Vision (“The Throne“)

“God beholds all the sons of men with an eye of observation, but his eye of favour and complacency is upon those that fear him.” ~ Matthew Henry

“To declare that the Creator’s original plan has been frustrated by sin, is to dethrone God. To suggest that God was taken by surprise in Eden and that He is now attempting to remedy an unforeseen calamity, is to degrade the Most High to the level of a finite, erring mortal.” ~ AW Pink (The Sovereignty of God)

“Because God is holy His anger burns against sin; because God is righteous His judgements fall upon those who rebel against Him; because God is faithful the solemn threatenings of His Word are fulfilled; because God is omnipotent none can successfully resist Him, still less overthrow His counsel; and because God is omniscient no problem can master Him and no difficulty baffle His wisdom.” ~ AW Pink (The Sovereignty of God)

“Rest, then, O fellow pilgrim, in this confidence, that the new road to you is an old road to God.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“But all things are present to the eye of God. To-morrow—there is no such thing with Jehovah! Yesterday—there is no such thing! Past, present, future—these are human words! ‘NOW’ is God’s word, and it comprehends all.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“The peculiar troubles of to-day, which are exercising you, dear child of God, your heavenly Father was cognisant of ten thousand years ago, and nothing about them comes upon Him by surprise. The Lord has no emergencies; He is never at the end of His resources.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“God’s knowledge is infallible; there is no mistake in His knowledge. Human knowledge is subject to error. A physician may mistake the treatment of a disease; but God’s knowledge is unerring. He can neither deceive, nor be deceived. He cannot deceive–because he is truth; nor be deceived—because He has infinite wisdom.” ~ Thomas Watson

“It were hard to suppose a God who could not see his own creatures; it were difficult in the extreme to imagine a divinity who could not behold the actions of the works of his hands. The word which the Greeks applied to God implied that he was a God who could see. They called him Theos; and they derived that word, if I read rightly, from the root theisthai, to see, because they regarded God as being the all-seeing one, whose eye took in the whole universe at a glance, and whose knowledge extended far beyond that of mortals. God Almighty, from his very essence and nature, must be an Omniscient God. Strike out the thought that he sees me, and you extinguish Deity by a single stroke. There would be no God if that God had no eyes, for a blind God is not God at all.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“Our eyes are weak; we cannot look through the darkness; but his eye, like an orb of fire, penetrateth the blackness; and readeth the thoughts of man, and seeth his acts when he thinks himself most concealed.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“Remember that thought is speech before God.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

“The atheist cries, “No God”; and he who would deny to God universal knowledge is twin brother to him. As good have no God as a God who does not know.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

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