Where do we find sound doctrine?Christian Living, Theology

Where do we find sound doctrine?

Everyone follows doctrine. Even professing Christians that claim to not like doctrine because “it divides” and those who adhere to “no doctrine but Christ.” Everyone has beliefs they follow. The question is, what doctrine does a person follow and where do they get this doctrine? “The real question is not whether Christians will have doctrine but which doctrine or whose …

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What is the Purpose of Sound Doctrine?Christian Living, Theology

What is the Purpose of Sound Doctrine?

“Non-doctrinal Christianity is more than oxymoronic: it is a myth.” ~ R. Scott Clark1 Doctrine is the teachings of a belief system. Sound doctrine is the true doctrine that is taught within the pages of God’s Word. Why bother with doctrine, though? Why spend time on studying it? Doesn’t it just lead to arguments and disunity within the church? Is …

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Christian Living, Theology

False vs. Sound Doctrine

Doctrine in its simplest definition is a teaching. The Bible describes doctrines of man, doctrines of demons, and doctrines of God. Discernment is the practice of determining whether what is being taught it a true teaching or a false one. Being able to discern between false and sound doctrine is how we gain the wisdom in which to make decisions …

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What is Doctrine?Theology

What is Doctrine?

You may have heard people warn about studying doctrine. Some say, “Doctrine divides.” And, while that is a true statement, it isn’t a bad thing as they imply. Other people, hoping to avoid unnecessary controversy or debates, will say something like “no doctrine but Jesus” or “no creed but Christ.” While those statements sound like a good rule or a …

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What is required to properly study theology?

It is easy to understand that studying theology is something every Christian should practice. Organizing the categories of theology may make it easier to approach such a broad topic, but how does one actually study theology? “The knowledge of divine things to which Christians are called is more than a formal acquaintance with biblical words and Christian ideas. It is …

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11 Reasons to Study Theology(1)Christian Living, Theology

11 Reasons to Study Theology

11 Reasons to Study Theology Theology is the study of God. If God is truly the Creator, the Sustainer, the Savior, and Sovereign, why wouldn’t we want to study theology? Who wouldn’t want to know everything they could about the One in ultimate control over everything? There are people who do not understand why we should study God. How do …

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