90 Days Later: My experience reading the Bible in 90 days
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90 Days Later (+ free printable)

On New Year’s Eve, I wrote this post announcing that I would be reading the Bible through, chronologically, in the first ninety days of 2017.

I was very apprehensive about going public with this goal. Like I admitted in the article, I am a very slow reader. Every time I have ever read through the Bible, it has taken me more than three years. How in the world was I going to be able to get through the whole thing in only ninety days?!

Not only did I decide to go for it, I announced it to the world. What in the was I thinking?!

90 Days Later: My experience reading the Bible in 90 daysThen I got the crazy idea to start a Facebook group for others who might be interested in joining me and looking for a bit of accountability.

There I was. I had decided to go for a goal that seemed by all historical experience to be impossible for me, I announced it to the world, and now I had people relying on me to not only complete the goal but help them stay on track.

Well, I guess that is one way to blast into a new year. LOL

So, here we are ninety days later. Did I do it? Did I read through the whole Bible in ninety days?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Now, there is absolutely no reason to congratulate me. This had nothing to do with my ability. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” I am so very weak, especially in the area of reading but God has the power to do anything He desires including helping me get through all sixty-six books of His inspired and perfect Word in three months.

What I Learned

90 Days Later: My experience reading the Bible in 90 daysI learned a few tricks that helped me. Not every one is the same but these tips really helped me out.

  1. I read along as I listened. I used a Bible app and had the narrator read to me as I followed along in the app.
  2. I sped up the reader’s sped to 1.25. At this speed, I was still able to fully understand what he was saying but it forced me to concentrate more. My mind tends to wander so when the speed is faster my mind has to actively listen to catch everything and it keeps me from getting distracted.
  3. I developed a ritual. After my husband left for work each morning, I would sit on the couch and drink my coffee as I listened and followed along. If I ever waited until later in the day, I would forget every time so, for me, it has to be first thing in the morning. I will say, toward the end, I got away from this and it did take away from my concentration.
  4. I listened while doing household chores when I needed to catch up a couple of days. There were a couple of times when I went out of town or had company and I knew it would be difficult to get my readings in during those times so I would double up a few days ahead of time and then a few days after, if necessary.
  5. Weekends are tough for me, especially Saturdays, I often had to double up on Sunday or Monday.
  6. I didn’t let missing a couple of days get me down. I just doubled up and kept going.
  7. I have so much respect and amazement at mothers, especially those who were able to stick with this plan. You ladies are my heroes!

What’s Next

I will say that there were many times that my mind wandered and I missed chucks of what I was reading/listening to. This is why it is so important that reading the Bible quickly not become the only way you feed on God’s Word. It is a wonderful way to get a grand picture, a bird’s eye view, but it is not a good way to truly feast on His Word.

So, what is my plan after this? Well, I plan to go through one book at a time and slowly digest it. Our women’s ministry at church is going through the book of James so I will be in that book for a while.

90 Day Chronological Bible Reading PlanIt is my plan to take one book a month and really dig in. Some books will likely require several months. That plan will take several years. Sixty-six books, even at one book a month, will take a minimum of five and a half years. I so look forward to how much the Holy Spirit is going to teach me in the next few years. I am so excited!

I highly recommend you do the Bible in ninety days at least once. It is a great way to see all of God’s beautiful story at one glance before diving in deeper. I plan to do this every couple of years just to refresh myself and remember where all the pieces fit.

If you would like to download a free copy of the chronological plan I used, subscribe to the A Narrow-Minded Woman Newsletter and I will send you the link to the download library. In the library you will find a link to download this reading plan along with several other free downloads I offer.

Did you join me in these last ninety days? Did you finish? What did you think of reading it all at once? What did you learn from the process? I would love to hear about your experience.

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