90-Day Bible Reading Challenge
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2018 Ninety-Day Bible Reading Challenge

Last year, I challenged my readers to join me in reading the Bible in 90 days. This is a daunting challenge but it is doable. It is very challenging but it is rewarding.

90-Day Bible Reading ChallengeAlso last year, Knowable Word also challenged their readers to complete the Bible in ninety days. All who completed the challenge in ninety days and contacted their site were entered for a drawing to win a reader’s Bible. This year, Knowable Word is offering another drawing for those who complete this ninety days in the Bible. If you join me in this challenge, make sure you enter this drawing for a chance to win one of the Bibles they are giving away this year.

Reading the Bible this quickly makes it difficult to focus on what is really going on. However, it is great to get a good “birds-eye” view of the Bible.

The plan that I offer here as a free download is a chronological plan. There are many other plans out there, so if you don’t want to read it in the same order as me, feel free to dig around and find another plan that you feel better with.

I have a few tips that I learned last year. These are things that worked for me but may not work for you. If you have done this challenge before or one like it and have any tips, please share with us in the comments below.

  1. 90-Day Bible Reading ChallengeRead along with an audio Bible. I used the Bible app and followed along as the narrator read. This helped me not get sidetracked by the pronouncing of a name and kept me at a steady pace.
  2. Listen at a faster speed. Last year I sped up the narrator to 1.25 but I have been speeding up the podcasts I listen to this year and listen to most at 1.5 now so, I’ll probably speed him up again this year. My mind tends to wander so when the speed is faster my mind has to actively listen to catch everything and it keeps me from getting distracted.
  3. Develop a ritual that works for you. Last year, after my husband left for work each morning, I would sit on the couch and drink my coffee as I listened and followed along. If I ever waited until later in the day, I would forget every time so, for me, it has to be first thing in the morning. I will say, toward the end, I got away from this and it did take away from my concentration, so I really hope to be more on it this year.
  4. Listen while doing other things. When I didn’t have time to do my reading on the couch or on days when I had to do catch up, I would listen as I did household chores, drove around town, or took a walk.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up for missing a couple of days. I didn’t let missing a couple of days get me down. I just doubled up and kept going. Weekends are tough for me, especially Saturdays, I often had to double up on Sunday or Monday. Also, there were a couple of times when I went out of town or had company and I knew it would be difficult to get my readings in during those times so I would double up a few days ahead of time and then a few days after, if necessary.

I would love for you to join us on this challenge. I have a Facebook group set up specifically for this challenge that is separate from the Scripture Writing Group. There hasn’t been much activity in this group since last year’s challenge finished but I hope this year more people will join in for this year’s challenge.

I highly recommend you do the Bible in ninety days at least once. It is a great way to see all of God’s beautiful story at one glance before diving in deeper. I plan to do this every couple of years just to refresh myself and remember where all the pieces fit.

If you would like to download a free copy of the chronological plan I used, subscribe to the A Narrow-Minded Woman Newsletter and I will send you the link to the download library. In the library you will find a link to download this reading plan along with several other free downloads I offer.